No Thick-billed Vireo in Florida

In mid-August Barbara and I went to Miami to try to find the ABA Code 4 Thick-billed Vireo that had been seen during the prior week at the Mattheson Hammock State Park.  We tried hard, but the bird never showed up.  Apparently it had moved on to other locations before we arrived.  I also wanted to locate White-winged Parakeets.  This bird, apparently quite common in the Miami area, has been my Florida nemesis, and it still is.  No luck.  In fact we didn’t see very many of the Parrot family of any kind.  Maybe we were just unlucky.  At Baptist Hospital, Barbara did locate a strange white duck.  I don’t think it is on the ABA List.


The Muscovy was obviously embarrased by the whole thing.


The photographic opportunities were not dampened by the lack of new birds.  Among the strange and wonderful creatures were:

Cuban Brown Basilisk Lizards


Brown Anoles


Knight Anoles


Green Iguanas


and lots of butterflies and spiders spinning webs.spider-resize